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I will have exibithion in 3th of Martch 2015 in Peking .

Dear friend,

my name is Andrej Palacko and I am a photographer. I have been involved in reportage and artistic photography for over 30 years.

Cuba is my passion and during my visits I captured a lot of historical moments including significant personalities of political, cultural and sports life from all around the world including

Foto: Andrej Palacko ,

Fidel Castro Ruz , Hugo Chávez, Raul Castro , Daniel Ortega ,15 presidentes de América Latina , Petro Caribe , Ricardo Alarcón , Gerard Depardieu , Alaida Che Guevara , Camilo Guevara , Alberto Juantorena , Javier Sotomayor , Qeusada , Abel Prieto , Ana Fidelia Quirot , Teófilo Stevenson , Félix Savón Fabre , Omara Portuondo , Gabriel García Márquez , Fernando Birri , Alfredo Guevara , Julio Alberto Fernandéz ,Teresa Garcia Caturla , Zucchero , Paul Mc Cartney , Stevie Wonder , Les Mc Cann , Katia Ricciarelli , Roxette , Yu Zhixue , Ron Bumblefoot , Michael Brecker , Josep Maria Carreras , Sinead O Connor , Elena Obraztsova , Joe Cocker , Antonio Ordonez , Eugen Suchon , Martin Huba , Karol Machata , Carol Christine Hilaria Pounder , Rendy Brecker , Michel Petruchiani , Katia Ricciarelli , Paco De Lusia , Ron Bumblefoot , Dj Ashba , Miroslav Cipár , Zucchero ,Teresa Garcia Caturla , Julio Alberto Fernandéz ,Frankie Goes To Hollywood , Frank Towen, Gedeon Burkhand , Tom Odell , Michael Petrucciani , Grace Bumbry , Harald Schmidt , Modern Talking , Matteo Manuguerra , Luigi Roni , Guns N'Roses , and many other famous people.

We do exhibitions in, Belarus , Peking , Hong Kong , China 重庆凯宾斯基酒店 , Sanghai, Moscow, Sankt Peterburg , Cuba , Ecuador, Melbourne,

If you are interested in my work, I would appreciate to get a response from you.

I would be very happy to work with you on this historical project - a show that has a unique quality in Europe.

By becoming our sponsor you can promote your company. The presentation will increase the visibility of your brand. You will establish new contacts with many countries that can become an important partner in your next job and pursuing other business projects.

I will have exibithion in 3th of Martch 2015 in Peking .

I am looking forward to hear from you!

Best regards,

Andrej Palacko, Photographer


Phone: +421911554585

For more info about my work visit my website:

www., ,, Andrej Palacko na Pintereste, Andrej PALACKO – Google+ , Flickr: Your Photostream, YouPic - palackophotograph's World

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Como puedo ser un miembro mas de la asociación de cubanos, participar en sus actividades y poder conocer cubanos como yo.

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